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pro-fundus offers you consulting and coaching related to the financial instruments of the European Structural Policy, in the fields of culture, the Enlargement Process, the Pre-Accession Strategy and the European Neighbourhood Policy. I advise and support you on the conceptualization of EU-projects, EU-applications and project management. Also, I perform simulation games and seminars related to European topics.


My competencies in these fields are based on extensive experience acquired in:


  • consulting and coaching of companies, public bodies, municipalities, foundations, federations and associations
  • application and management of EU projects
  • administration
  • fundraising
  • training and lecturing


These business activities in European Affairs are pro-fundus core competencies.


Other competencies include the skills I have acquired in the field of adult education, interview and communication coaching.


The success of my work lies in the development of individual solutions for each client!



In the field of European subsidies


pro-fundus offers you custom made consulting and coaching on the conception and implementation of different EU programmes and instruments. Among these are the Structural Funds, the culture programme and the instruments related to enlargement, pre-accession and neighbourhood policy. These offers are based upon concepts that are developed together with you and therefore fit optimally to your specific needs. In addition to delivering introductions, pro-fundus also offers modules on specific questions concerning funding.



In the field of developing projects, applications for EU projects and project management


The contribution of the Union to projects differs depending on the various programmes but is mostly very attractive. However, these applications demand great time and effort. Grant applicants not only have to be financially accountable and fulfil high content standards, but they also have to follow various complex regulations.


pro-fundus advises companies, public institutions, educational institutions, foundations, federations and associations on EU financing matters. The service consists of advice and assistance in regards to:


  • development of projects
  • suitable programs
  • the procedure of application
  • finding suitable partners
  • filling the application
  • regulations that have to be adhered to during the realisation of projects


In the field of making municipalities fit for Europe


Many municipalities have not concerned themselves with Europe yet. But Europe increasingly forms the framework for activities on the local level as well and addresses municipalities as important stakeholders in the process of realising European targets. Therefore a European focus offers municipalities many chances. Since municipalities face various processes of change and at the same time often have problems with their budgets it is important to trace relevant developments on the European level and to generate strategies, concepts and projects as well as to network and exchange experiences.


pro-fundus offers municipalities orientation meetings on relevant European topics as well as coaching and consulting regarding European funding. I also moderate workshops in which stakeholders on the local level develop strategies and projects in different areas of practice.


In the field of simulation games, seminars and lectures


pro-fundus offers you simulation games, lectures and seminars in the following fields:


  • Introductions to European Politics
  • History of the European Integration
  • Political Institutions
  • Regional Development
  • Structural and Regional Policy
  • Internal Market
  • Economic and Monetary Union
  • Environmental, Climate and Energy Policy
  • Europe 2020
  • EU-Enlargement, Pre-Accession and Neighbourhood Policy
  • Future of Europe
  • Methods to communicate the theme of Europe


Also, as a member of Team Europe at the European Commission, I have been delivering simulation games, seminars, training and conferences related to these topics for many years. On the one hand, I ensure high standards of content, and on the other I ensure the clients involvement by creating concepts that suit their respective interests.




In the field of job training and communication


Here I work with concepts that have proven themselves in my profound experience as coach. Starting with your individual situation and needs, I support you in sharpening your profile, to carve out your potentials and to define targets and strategies to reach your personal aims. I offer the analysis of your professional career and your perspectives as well as your written and personal presentation. I also assist you in finding the proper professional field and job, prepare you for interviews, and offer concepts to optimise your way of communication.




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